Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball


There is something so satisfying about squeezing an egg when your stressed.

Puking egg ball - vomiting goo stress ball

You get the satisfaction of feeling the yolk and whatever that clear stuff is called squeeze out between your fingersThe problem with this as a stress relieving activity...the mess, the slight damage the egg shell does to your hands, and cost of replacing so many eggs.

Thanks to this Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball you can now de-stress while squeezing the same ol' egg over and over again. And the best part about this stress ball is that it pukes out what looks like its innards - a yellow goo that looks like a runny yolk.

With this stress ball you'll be able to gross your coworkers or kids out over and over again as you make your little yolk puke by squeezing his head.

This little guy looks like a little round yolk sitting on top of a broken shell - it's actually kinda cute when it's not puking all over the place. The yellow goop is packaged separately so you can ensure it's in the best shape when this ball of stress arrives.

Egg size:  5.5*5.5*4 cm



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