4pcs Silicone Food Preservation Cover

How many pieces of toxic plastic film have you used to keep a cut vegetables or fruit alive a little longer, before you eventually bin (or compost) it anyway?
Make the switch to these Food huggers that embrace fruit and veg of all shapes and sizes, no plastic involved. They preserve leftover fruits and vegetables by forming protective seal over the produce. Made with food-grade silicone, food huggers are a great eco-friendly option, without disposable cling plastic or aluminium foil. These colourful “second skins” slip on and off easily, keeping perishables fresher, longer.
Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, Food Huggers come nested in four different sizes that can accommodate your partially-used produce, both big and small. The huggers also seal glasses and jars too, perfect to keep that half-consumed drink fresh for later on.

  • USE ON A VARIETY OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: The Farberware Food Huggers fit perfectly on a variety of fruits and vegetables like lemons, onions, tomato's, cucumbers, and many more
  • USE THEM ON HARD GOODS: These food huggers can be used to reseal open jars in cans. Never worry about using up Tupperware because of a misplaced lid
  • The Farberware Food Huggers are made to help extend the life of your unused fruits and vegetables.
  • These are reusable making them a fantastic solution to avoid using wasteful plastic wrap


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