Anti Hair Brush

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Hair that makes your life hard ...
If you have a pet, you know how quickly their hair can become a chore.

Our kids leave hairs everywhere ... Even if you vacuum and clean the house, you find more and more every day.

Clothes, home, car, everywhere ...

Many problems are linked to all these dead hairs:

Bad smells
Ingestion by your children (and also by your animals)

The most effective brush on the market!

Results at a glance and from the first use!

Thanks to its stainless steel teeth, the Touffi ™ brush reduces hair loss by 95%, by reducing the amount of dead undercoat!

It brings the dust to the surface, and aerates the coat without damaging it.

One solution for all your animals

THE 2 BRUSHES (Size M and S) are complementary, you can use the M for the body and the S for the lower limbs.


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