Beautiful Waves Styling Kit (12 pcs)

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  • $11.26

et bouncy curls without damaging your hair.

Our Magic Hair Curler adopt heatlesscurling system that is suitable for all hair types. The ultra-suede texture on the rollers also polishes the hair smooth and helps tame even the frizziesthair.

The patented super absorbent heat-free rollers curl your hair without heat, techniqueand less waiting time. Curl your hair while sleeping and save an hour of styling time in the morning.

Guarantee to give your hairlift, curls,andwaveseasilyfor creating a unique fashionable style. Even perfect to sleep on and wake up with beautiful & bouncy curls!

No Heat Magic Hair Curlers


  • Natural, bouncy curls with ease
  • No heat, no damage
  • Stays put all day
  • Easy to use

  • Soft and Flexible - you can even sleep in them
  • No pins or clips required
  • Suitable for all hair types

How to Use? Shampoo and condition hair and towel dry. If you wish, apply mouse or styling products evenly through your hair to give extra hold to your curls. Assemble the wand. Insert Wand through slit at either end of the curlers. Hook onto a small section of hair. Pull stick out so hair goes into curlers. Blow dry hair. Perm time: 8-20 minutes. Enjoy your beautiful curls!