Plug and Play Car and Home Ceiling Romantic USB Night Light

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Ambient or mood lighting inside the car has primarily been the realm of high-end luxury vehicles or the enthusiastic car customizer installing aftermarket systems. Today, with LEDs taking center stage, the focus is on ambient or mood lighting, and designers are in their element. Concept ideas include wide-area roof illumination and footwell lighting, which can be easily controlled in intensity as required, and in color to match the travelers’ mood.

Of course, it is not only about mood or fashion but also about function and comfort. The ability to dim or brighten interior lights becomes an important feature: brightness should be reduced for night driving and increased in the daytime. But it also depends on the particular task in hand, such as map-reading or search mode, which may require brighter light levels. 


When you want to bring the party into your car, you need these lights! With this light, the child will not feel bored on the road, they will study the color change, dance with music, sing to change the color, etc. The light makes the journey as a party, never be boring. Your friends and family will be amazed and impressed. Plus, your car rides will be a lot more fun and interesting.

  • Breath Mode: Long car rides can be stressful and tiring. Use Breath Mode to breathe along with the gentle waves of the lights. So soothing!
  • Flicker Mode: Flicker mode is awesome! These lights are popping! If you want to get the party started, use Flicker Mode.
  • Voice Control Mode: This mode changes with the intensity of your music. Want a calmer atmosphere? Play soft music. Want a party atmosphere? Play amped up the music!
  • Adjustable: The bracket that the light device is attached too is completely adjustable. set it up in a way that best suits you. The brackets can be moved by 90 degrees, either up or down.
  • Easy to Install: With a USB socket with 8V-36V voltage, plug the USB socket into your car's USB connector and turn the lamp on. Install the lamp anywhere you want! Installation position: at the back of the armrest box, or fixed at the front panel, etc., through USB socket power supply, it can be connected to a computer, mobile phone charging head, charging pad, car cigarette lighter and other USB sockets


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