Easy Punch Needle Embroidery Set

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Handcraft has never been more easy! Create beautiful 3D embroidery with this easy punch needle set! 

Punch needle embroidery has created a raging rave among DIY and craft lovers due to its easy creation process! This kit is your perfect choice to create amazing embroidery artworks without almost no effort or skill needed! 


An Easy Beginner Level Handcraft! Punch needle embroidery is one of the easiest handcraft for those who are new to this artistic hobby. This punch needle set is easy to use for the clumsiest crafters! Just push the needle through the fabric and repeat the process!


A Versatile Artistic Instrument Set! This punch needle embroidery set comes with 5 different interchangeable heads to accommodate a variety of needles! Create your embroidery with great flexibility with different thread thickness! 


A Durable Embroidery Needle Set! The Easy Punch Needle Embroidery Set  is made with anti-corrosive stainless alloy materials that are manufactured to resist deformation! 

Wide Applicability! These needles provides you with a limitless embroidery possibilities! Beautify your pillows, rugs, wall decorations, or other artwork with this set, all to your desire!  


  • Slip thread into the threader
  • Insert the threader inside the One Punch Needle
  • Pull the line
  • Thread line is completely pulled out.
  • Slip the threader again through the hole in the needle tip.
  • Pull the thread out
  • The line passes completely through the pin hole.
  • The thread is now ready for embroidery
  • Punch on following your desired pattern


  • Needle Length: 4.6 - 5.2 cm
  • Handle Length: 5.5 cm


  • 1* No.9 Needle Head
  • 1* No.10 Needle Head
  • 1* No.12 Needle Head
  • 1* No.14 Needle Head
  • 1* No.16 Needle Head
  • 1* Thread Guide
  • 1* Handle


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