Frog Potty Boys Potty Trainer

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A less intimidating and more motivating potty training experience using a urinal designed just for boys


 Spinning aiming target - great motivation for boys who are afraid or reluctant to go on the potty 

 Adapted to kids - can be fixed to the wall at the child’s current height vs a regular toilet  

 Easy to empty and clean - detachable bucket that even a kid can empty

 Rubber suction cups wall hanging - can be installed with included suction cups or on a wall hook


Our frog potty training urinal is the perfect tool for helping little boys at the stage of learning to pee while standing up. It’s fun design makes it more attractive and less scary than the “big potty”.

Child afraid to go sit on the potty or that make a mess around the toilet are very common during potty training. Some can be very stubborn or reluctant to cooperate. The last thing you want is having to fight or beg to get them to either try or fully transition to standing up to pee.

With it’s attractive spinning target, your child will have a high motivation factor to go pee when you remind him to, as well as something to focus on and practice his aiming skills. Some parents even report that their kid literally runs to it and that no reminder is even necessary anymore. 

With it’s two included strong suction cups or using a wall hook, it’s also perfectly adjustable at any height on the wall for an optimal fit for any child. This will ensure a more pleasant potty training experience which can lead to better chances of success in the long run..

Emptying the urinal is also simple and convenient. Just remove the top recipient, dump it’s content in the toilet and you’re done. With a little practice, even a child can do it, which can be an additional source of pride making him feel more “grown up”.

The large and easily accessible tank combined to the spinning target are also great to avoid unwanted urine splashes or mess around the toilet. This means less cleaning and more time to spend congratulating him on his progress.

A true “no brainer’ add-on in the arsenal of a parent during potty training.


Material: non toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly PP

Colours: Green, blue, brown 

Dimensions : 11.2 inches (height) x 8.2 inches (wide) x 6.7 inches (deep)

Weight: 9.6 ounces

Package Includes: 1 Two piece frog urinal & 2  Suction Cups




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