Pen Inductive Car Toy

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Magic Pen Inductive Toy Car is a black drawn line following car. No matter what shape you are drawing on white paper, it will automatically follow the drawn track and run! So amazing! 



  • Exciting magic toys - Draw a black line on paper, the car can move automatically on the black line.

  • The line thickness should not be under 4mm and not overrun 10mm, Non-sharp-angled line
  • Both will have fun also improving their creativity and imagination while playing the toys. 
  • Exquisite details, awesome gift for kids 


  1. Draw a dark line on a piece of white paper
  2. Turn on the car and place it right on the line
  3. The car will automatically follow the direction of the line
1 x tank      (4colors send 1 by randomly)
or 1 x car   (6styles send 1 by randomly)
or 1 x truck (4styles send 1 by randomly)
1 x Magic pen 
1 x Instruction manual 
1 x White paper with black lines
Car/truck/tank design random from the Design on the  photo


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