Shark Red Wine Goblet/Glass [4pcs]




The Glasses are made of high-grade silicon green glass, which is processed by high temperatures up to 1800 °C. Such high temperatures make the glass more smooth, beautiful, and more pleasing to hold

  • Superb lead-free crystal for outstanding clarity upgrades a simple table to an upscale ambiance
  • Makes a perfect gift for someone special or for personal use.

SPOIL YOUR SENSES: Pour the red wine into the shark red wine glass, let the wine spin with the sharks, smell the aroma and taste each sip to the fullest.

POWERFUL VALENTINES PRESENT: Give your loved ones the thoughtful gift of more joyful moments in their day to day life. Especially great for Super Moms and hard-working women! Also great for a fancy party and celebration like Easter, Purim, Passover, Good Friday, Thanksgiving and more!


Shark Wine Glass Crystal Red Wine Perdonalized Goblet

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