Stainless Steel Butter Knife

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Revolutionize the Way You Use Your Butter Knife and spread hard butter with ease with the Multifunction Butter Knife. Gone are the days when your bread will be torn into pieces while spreading butter. The three functions of this knife as easy to master, especially with the comfort of a well-balanced handle and light, thin yet powerful blade. When you drag these holes over your hard butter at just the right angle, you scrape the butter into beautiful little curls, which melt quickly and spread deliciously. Not only use to stream, slice or cut butter but also cut any bread style, cheese, vegetable, and fruits



SERRATED SIDE AND EDGED SIDE: The serrated edge is safe to touch yet still functional enough to cut through butter, cheese, cakes, and even some fruits and veggies.

UNIQUE DESIGN: assist you in three different ways: A Butter Cutter, Butter Curler and Scooper and a Spreader

STAINLESS STEEL: Non-Corrosive, Dishwasher Safe, Rust Free, Safe and Non-Toxic which will last a long time without bending or rusting


ERGONOMIC & BALANCED: Works just as well for left and right-handed people, the shredder holes being at a perfect right angle to be used in either direction

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Unique slots help you to make even the hardest butter into fancy ribbons, thin slices or curls that will melt quickly on your bread.

ELEGANT THIN BLADE: This blade will easily turn butter curls on your bread into a rich and delicious layer, and your bread will no longer be ripped or torn. The serrated edge makes slicing effortless.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: It's appealing aesthetic and practical design make this kitchen tool a no-brainer for your next gift-giving opportunity. 


Type: Multifunction Butter Knife
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Suitable for: Cheese, Cream, Bread, Butter and etc.
Weight: about 80g



1 X Multifunction Butter Knife