Stylish Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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The fruit infuser water bottle adds natural flavor to your water without any additional tools! Infuse berries, lemons, cucumbers, mint and more right inside the bottom compartment for delicious, healthy water. Ideal for sports, working out, running, and just everyday water intake.



  •  Reusable water bottle ✔️
  •  Separate bottom compartment to infuse fruit ✔️
  •  Juicer for lemons, oranges, and limes ✔️
  •  Convenient carrying strap ✔️
  • Digest & rest better and perfect for weight loss & hunger control. ✔️
  •  Helps joint lubrication and detoxify the body & reduces your sugar intake. ✔️
  •  Provides you with a great source of vitamins & minerals. ✔️
  •  Helps reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity. ✔️
  •  Stimulates better brain function - concentration & alertness. ✔️


Capacity: 650ML
Color: Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Orange
Size: 24 * 7 * 5.6  CM
Weight: 178g


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