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One of the more intriguing mash-ups of outdoor gear and technology in recent years has been the introduction of heated clothing designed to keep us warm and comfortable during the long, cold months of winter. Typically powered by rechargeable battery packs connected to integrated heating elements, these Unisex Electric Heated Winter Hooded Jacket can provide hours of warmth even on the coldest of days. If you’re not particularly a fan of winter, or you just happen to be looking for ways to stay warmer while you’re out and about in the cold, these products will provide a bit of extra comfort to help you manage the frigid conditions.

Throughout history, mankind has set out to explore and conquer, from primitive men who first battled the frost of the Ice Age to modern men who explore the vast galaxy, and through this span of time, we have evolved, adapted and innovated to push the limits.  Our tools have evolved and grown so sophisticated that we have seen a rover crawl on the face of Mars.  We set new limits daily and we will forever exceed those limits as the explorers before we have.  We have an innate capacity for adventure and that is something we all need to embrace.  Because that is who we are.

Yet in the modern world, we experience a plethora of barriers and excuses that hold us back. We can put a man on the moon but find that it is too cold to walk outside in the snow.  But now the convenience and the availability of body heating technology will bring warmth into each of our lives as much as it has become a staple in the outdoor industry.

If you live in a cold area or travel to cold areas or simply just hate being cold, read on and learn how the newest and most innovative technologies can keep you warmer than ever before.  It’s time to love the Winter season again.

We all know that being cold sucks, especially when a trip we have been planning for months gets cut short because someone is too cold to go on.  That person maybe you, a friend or family member but we’ve all been there. But. you know what? There is no such thing as being cold.  There is only being unprepared. And to make yourself prepared, you need this Unisex Electric Heated Winter Hooded Jacket

Heated clothing is a piece of apparel that is connected to a rechargeable battery and heats up when it is turned on. Heated clothing has tiny wires sewn into a layer of the fabric.  These tiny wires are typically made of carbon fiber or a metal composite, like nickel-chromium, that perform well under repeated heating and cooling cycles.  These wires are known as the heating element. These wires are connected to a battery, and when the battery is turned on, a low electrical current is passed through the wires, causing the wires to heat up.

The current trend of heated apparel seems to be integrating the ability to provide heat with comfort and accessibility. This is important so that the average consumer can realize how easy and beneficial a heated garment could be to their daily life.


Product Features:

  • Hot Therapy for Body Warming -- Built-in 2 carbon fiber heating elements generate (neck and mid-back)to warm up quickly(120mm×300mm ), it's perfect for people who always have bone pain on cold or rainy days, Ideal gift for family members, friends, employees. It's also fit to enjoy snowmobile, motorcycle, mountain, camping, snow sweeping, skiing, camping, hiking, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business try during fall and winter.
  • Three-speed Temperature Adjustable -- This heated jacket has 3 heating levels providing temperature from 30℃ to 50℃ to help promote blood circulation, relieving pains from rheumatism and muscle strain. One simple press KEY at the chest to adjust 3 heating settings and the led light will turn on(30 Blue, 40 white, 50 Red) or smart auto-jump to lower temperature.
  • Heat Quickly -- This electric heat clothes Heat quickly in seconds, In the HOT level, power bank 10000mAH can keep heating for 6-8 hours\ 20000mAh for 14-16 hours used time). You can decide how long of the heated runtime freely according to your needs and power banks you carry. The heating elements generate can be heated quickly in 2 minutes. Note: The heating elements generate will turn on after you press the button for 3 seconds.
  • Safe and Lightweight -- Upgraded designed heating system ensures you enjoy comfortable warmth. Large area carbon fiber wire heater imported from Japan, safe and insulated. The jacket only (0.9) kg, comfortable& skin-friendly, touching smoothly and warmth better. And this smart heated Jacket Once it is overheated, it would auto-jump to lower temperature, so it is 100% safe to use. It can help you easily live through a whole winter without wearing bulky clothes under cold conditions.
  • Care& Warranty: Machine washable/hand wash, Please take out the power bank and put the USB plug in the pocket before washing. 




  • Technology: Carbon fiber heating technology imported from Japan
  • Material: Cotton/Polyester/Spandex
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Slim fitness and lightweight
  • Power Source: Connect 5V/2A Power bank, heat quickly in seconds. Normally(20℃/68℉), the 10000mA battery will last 8 hours\ 20000mAh 16 hours. (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Heated Area: neck and mid-back

Instructions For Use:

  • Plugin the power bank, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, this heated jacket start preheating, then adjust to the medium temperature. Keep the heated vest connect to the power bank when it is heated.

Three Heating Modes:

  • First Level: 30°C (Blue Indicator Light)
  • Second Level: 40°C (White Indicator Light)
  • Third Level: 50°C (Red Indicator Light)

Garment Care:

  • Remove the battery, Machine wash(in laundry bag) in cold water. Do not hand wash. Do not twist or wring.

Package Includes:

  • 1   x    Electric Heated Jacket


Why Buy This Product? The Health Benefits:

  • Warmth may be best known for its comforting and relaxing properties, but heat therapy provides pain relief for sore and injured muscles and can expedite the healing process.
  • Applying heat promotes healthy blood flow that increases the oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, relieving pain, decreasing recovering time and improving overall performance.
  • The warmth from heated apparel can help boost your spirits and literally make you laugh when others are miserably shivering.
  • Heat for Painful Joints and Arthritis
  • Heat therapy isn’t just for muscles. Stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation increases the range of motion and reduces stiffness in painful joints.


    Benefits for Athletes
    Winter athletes have to perform in cold temperatures, but when the body is cold it tends to be slow, sensitive and tight which can give the feeling of being uncoordinated. Keeping warm is one thing, but heating the body will help you perform at your best. Keep warm and:

    • Increase Overall Performance
    • Increase Muscle Efficiency
    • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
    • Decrease Stiffness
    • Decrease Sensitivity
    • Decrease the Likelihood of Injury or Soreness
    • Decrease Recovery Time


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