Heated Rechargeable Vest Gen 2.0 (Unisex)

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Leave the bulky jackets at home! Stay cozy and warm with this Rechargeable Heated Vest. 

Winter is no longer an excuse NOT to go outside. Whether you love riding, hiking, running, skiing, golfing, fishing or hunting - get this heated vest and make some great memories this winter!

No matter what you do, this vest was made specifically to keep your body warm and comfortable, helps to relieve back pain, and promotes blood circulation. This high-end heated material enables quick electric warmth.

Designed to heat critical areas affected by cold - neck & back

It's just a peasure to use. We've made it really simple to operate this jacket - intuitive and easy for daily use.


1. Connect the power bank to the vest through the built in USB port.

2. Turn ON the power bank.

3. Immediately long press the switch button for 5 seconds. If the button is not pressed within 3 seconds after turning on the power bank, it will automatically turn off.

4. The RED light should now be flashing, meaning it's starting the automatic heating process.

5. The RED light remains ON, meaning the vest is now on High Temperature setting.

6. Short press the power button to switch to WHITE light, meaning Medium Temperature setting.

7. Short press the power button to switch to BLUE light, meaning Low Temperature setting.

8. Short press the power button to switch again to RED light, meaning High Temperature setting.

After connecting the jacket to a power bank, press the button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Change the temperature level by simply pressing the button again.

Color Indicators For Temperature Levels:

Red Light (flashing) - automatic heating

Red Light - manual heating, high temperature (149°F)

White Light - medium temperature (113°F)

Blue Light - low temperature (77°F)

Size Guide: Buy 1 size larger than your regular fit. Unisex design.

The power bank is not included.


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